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Customer Service Improvement

You can’t fake genuine customer service. No amount of process can replace the genuine interest and passion shown by truly engaged employees.

The Role of Engagement in improving customer service
Businesses are reliant on their customers to grow, or even as a minimum remain in business. Employees become the face and voice of your company and its values everyday and to ensure that your customers receive the experience you want, your employees need to be engaged.

A strong level of employee engagement delivers a level of service with more loyal customers who are happy to recommend your business to others, which subsequently delivers sustainable growth.

Creating a link between engaged employees and engaged customers will maximise this opportunity for performance optimisation.

Your customers will decide if your business succeeds or not!

We have all experienced a situation where we have been on the receiving end of customer service delivery from a disengaged employee. It is likely that this experience either impacted that purchase or future purchases from that supplier or service provider.

By creating an environment where employees are more engaged and delivering the values of your business, you can deliver increased sales leading to increased profit and where appropriate, increased share value.

To improve customer service, The customer comes second!

To be able to truly benefit from improved customer service in a more sustainable way over the long term, it needs to be approached from the aspect that the ‘The Customer Comes Second‘.   This is a strategic approach that moves the focus to helping leaders influence the behaviour of their teams to deliver the best for their customers.

By engaging your employees, your employees will engage your customers!

The key to this is to build on three areas.  Ensure that each employee:

– understands the purpose of the organisation

– has an input in to the organisation

– is recognised for the work they undertake.

This is at the heart of our ‘Employee Engagement PIP’



What proportion of lost business is down to poor customer service?

According to research by the Disney Institute, the reasons that customers leave a service are:

  • 8% - Because of competitors
  • 9% - Other Reasons (e.g. moving house, death)
  • 14% - Dissatisfaction with the product
  • 66% - Attitude of indifference on the part of the employee

This would indicate that companies need to be focusing as much, if not more, on engaging their staff as they do on product development.

What is the size of the opportunity?

According to a report by the Mindgym, a 1% increase in customer satisfaction will create an incredible $234 million in additional sales to the top 250 US companies.

This is a real demonstration of the potential return in revenue and subsequent profit from linking employee engagement to customer engagement.

The impact of disengaged staff

See the impact of disengaged employees at United Airlines, and how it was shared with 13 million potential customers on Youtube.

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