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Case Study: Taiwan

At e-trinity we have had the good fortune to work with companies who recognise that high employee engagement has an impact on how staff interact with customers, leading to the long-term success of their business.  This case study demonstrates the potential benefits of using the tools that e-trinity provide.


We worked with an outsourcing organisation with 2,000 employees who provide clinical support services including cleaning, portering and help desks in a number of large hospitals in Taiwan.

The company was well established within that sector, although like many healthcare systems, the Taiwanese healthcare system was struggling financially. One of the biggest challenges that the company had was, that at the time we started with them, they they had an employee turnover of 150%. This was having an impact on the quality of their work, customer satisfaction and operational costs.

The Managing Director recognised that they needed to change their focus and move from a financially driven organisation to one that focused much more on the employees. This change started with a focus on leadership development using the tools we provide to deliver the required changes over 18 months. This included:

  • Redefining the ‘purpose’ of the business for employees
  • Delivering the management tools in modular leadership training sessions every 6 months
  • Monthly conference calls to monitor progress and provide additional coaching and support
  • Measuring the use of the tools each month

At the end of two years, we were able to look back at the changes that each division of the business had made.

Details of these changes and their commercial impact on the business are shown below.

Reduction in employee turnover

Prior to starting this project, employee turnover had reached a peak of 150%. Within 6 months of the project starting, this was reduced by 40% and continued to reduce over the following two years of working with them.

This reduction in turnover released 9,125 management hours that could instead focus on developing the existing staff.

Improved Quality Scores

The additional management time that was released by reducing employee turnover meant that the training and monitoring of work improved to a higher and more consistent level.

Accidents at work also reduced from 79 to 47.

This led to happier customers and clients who were prepared to recommend the company.

Reduction in Operating Costs

As of a result of the employees being more engaged with improved training, they were more aware of their work and their surroundings. This meant that they took more care in how they worked, looking after equipment and supplies that belonged to the company which led to an 18% drop in operation costs saving $45,000.

This cost excludes additional savings achieved from reduced recruitment and training costs.

Improving financial outcomes through people

The outcome of the analysis supported the understanding and evidence that engaged employees lead to improved service and quality delivery, which ultimately leads to improved financial outcomes through a combination of reduced costs and increased sales due to happier customers.


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