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Culture Builders Profiling Tool

E-Trinity are delighted to be accredited to use the The Culture Builders Profiling Tool . This tool is the only system that specifically details how individual managers and leaders engage employees and others. It measures five core areas that are needed to create empowered, motivated teams who deliver their ‘all’ for their organisation and thus drive performance.

The tool, created during two years of research for the book The Culture Builders; Leadership Strategies for Employee Performance, is a powerful way of helping people understand how they lead and engage their teams – helping them to see development opportunities that exist for themselves and how their strengths in other areas offer the potential for highly impactful activity. Put it simply, it measures the Engagement Intelligence of individuals that manage employees.

Offering Individual, 360 degree and Group profiles, the tool is designed for use by trained administrators working with others to develop their engagement skills and capacity to lead cultural change. It can add value in a range of situations:

  • One-to-one leadership work to boost personal and team performance
  • Change readiness and team composition
  • Structuring specific learning in a development programme
  • Choosing the right team for change programmes
  • Managers and leaders looking to engage people generally, or around specific change
  • Focusing people on strengths conversations rather than type
  • Selection of candidates

Based on a self-serve online system, the tool works on a pay-per-use basis, with administrators purchasing credits as needed to run the reports and manage individual profiles.

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