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6 Management Behaviours that Create Highly Engaged Teams

Published on September 23, 2020

Whatever stage you are at with regard to managing your teams during the COVID-19 crisis, it is likely you are going to need to consider how you can relive your organisation’s performance management process as new norms continue to evolve. Frazer Rendell, Director of e-trinity, is also the Chair of…

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Who has the answers to help your organisation through Covid 19?

Published on May 14, 2020

Uncertainty, rapid change, isolation and new technologies. We are all having to face these challenges on a daily basis. For organisations that are able to trade, being agile and adapting to these changes will be key to their long term future performance and success. All employees will have a unique…

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Should organisations furlough their current Purpose for a greater Purpose?

Published on April 15, 2020

“Change the purpose of the organisation?” “Surely that changes the whole reason for an organisation existing?” And I have to say, in the past I would have questioned this as well. An organisation’s purpose should be their ‘north star’ to focus everyone within the organisation. As Simon Sinek says, the…

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Why employee happiness and engagement are not the same

Published on January 19, 2020

I often hear conversations or read articles where people are talking about how important it is to make employees happy at work and how this is the same as driving levels of engagement. However, this is not the case. Some of the interventions that are designed to specifically make people…

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Employees are NOT your greatest asset

Published on July 18, 2015

Surprised? Can this really be the case that employees are not your greatest asset when businesses have followed this mantra for what seems like forever? Time after time we hear business leaders talk about the fact that employees are their greatest asset. But do leaders even believe this, or do…

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Your employee engagement strategy relies on middle mangers to succeed.

Published on June 15, 2015

Middle managers hold a vital role in the success of delivering an employee engagement strategy within an organisation, but their role and the value that they deliver is often not appreciated. Typically, when an organisation starts their employee engagement strategy, the leadership team or Board have the vision of what…

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Ignore the intangible elements of a business at your peril!

Published on January 6, 2015

I was fortunate enough to listen to Lucy Adams, a well respected business leader delivering a great speech recently. She talked about the fact that 70% of a business is now around intangible elements: The reputation of a brand Goodwill Trust Intellectual property Employee advocacy All these are going to…

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Welcome to e-trinity

Published on December 21, 2014

Welcome to e-trinity Welcome to the new website for e-trinity. Over the coming months we’ll provide insights into our experience of delivering engagement along with some practical hints and tips. We hope that you’ll find these useful on your journey to creating a culture where employees enjoy working in a…

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