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Welcome to e-trinity

Posted on December 21, 2014 | Categorised in:

Welcome to e-trinity

Welcome to the new website for e-trinity. Over the coming months we’ll provide insights into our experience of delivering engagement along with some practical hints and tips. We hope that you’ll find these useful on your journey to creating a culture where employees enjoy working in a more commercially sustainable business.

As we’ve got so much great content to look forward to, we thought it might be worth taking time to explain why we are called e-trinity and why this business was the inspiration behind packing our corporate bags and setting off on a journey to help other businesses create a better working environment.

So why e-trinity? We see three distinct areas of our work being linked.  e-trinity is about the three progressive states of engagement and each state is inter-dependent on the other to be able to deliver the outcomes that you are looking for to achieve a successful business.  Those three states are engagement, efficiency and effectiveness.

Firstly, engagement, or specifically employee engagement, delivers a high level of intrinsic motivation with increased outcomes in productivity, innovation and customer service. (There is a lot more about this on our site).

High engagement leads to increased efficiency within the business, where employees reduce errors and work more closely and conscientiously. For many companies, to get to this level sounds ideal, but we are missing one further step that will move the improvements from good to great.

To get the best performance from your team, they need to understand the direction they are heading in and the roles you need them to play.  Once they understand this, they will be engaged, efficient and much more effective in their roles.

Most companies miss an opportunity because they tend to focus on only one of these three areas at a time, whether that be engagement or looking at processes to make their team more efficient, but many companies fall short by not looking at the impact on the overall business. All three elements have to be viewed together to maximise the benefit, hence e-trinity – three in one!

So have you already achieved an e-trinity for your business or would you be interested in improving the performance of your team ? Read our regular blog to get insights and ideas on how you could achieve this.

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