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Using engagement as an employee retention tool

Economic uncertainty and change leads to a battle for talent across all sectors and particularly organisations in the service sector. The old adage of ‘you join a company and leave a manager’ appears to be more relevant now than in recent history.

By providing HR functions with a complete engagement solution, our unique model delivers leadership tools which are proven to reduce employee turnover through improving the engagement between managers and their teams.

As part of yellowblue partners, we are able to further support the total approach to providing HR functions in tailoring their engagement strategy.

Why is this important now?

“Only 2% of employees decide to stay in their job based on pay.”

Many organisations and managers still believe that the best way to incentivise employees, and therefore the best way to improve employee retention is pay. However, there are 40 years of research that shows this is not the case and in many instances can have a detrimental effect.

Surveys from Gallup show that pay ranks as the fifth most popular reason for leaving a business. Other surveys show that only 2% of people decided on whether to stay in their job based on pay and it was those on minimum wage that this would impact the most.

What is the basis for the tool?

To be able to improve employee retention, managers and leaders need to be focused on helping employees feel aligned and engaged with the organisation. Employees’ need to:

  • Understand the organisations purpose and the role that they have in delivering the purpose.
  • Believe they can make a contribution to the success of the organisation
  • See that their individual work and effort is recognised
“Our tools reduce employee turnover by 40%.”

Our practical approach to engagement, with tools based around our principles and ‘Employee Engagement PIP’ have been proven to help retain staff by reducing employee turnover by as much as 40%. The robust three-step approach based on our PIP is easy to implement and delivers a consistent message this through all layers of the organisation.

To find out more, click on the video for a webcast where e-trinity’s Frazer Rendell was the guest speaker talking about how to improve employee retention with a recruitment consultancy.

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