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Whichever management model you look at for developing employee engagement, it will always need to address three elements that employees are looking to answer:

  • “What does the company stand for and where do I fit in?”
  • “Can I make a difference?”
  • “Is my job worthwhile?”

Employee Engagement PIP

e-trinity’s tools address all of these employees requirements by ensuring businesses address 4 areas with our unique ‘Employee Engagement PIP’.

Employee Engagement PIP


This is about ‘walking the talk’ and ensuring that the values of the organisation are lived. This is key to creating Trust in a business. Without this, leaders will find it difficult to find followers.

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More specifically, the tools for strengthening Integrity focus on:

  • Engaging with the senior team to create an environment where the vision and financial targets are linked with values and behaviours of employees
  • Identifying key engagement metrics for each organisation to set benchmarks against which to measure improvement. These metrics are often already being measured, but not being actioned.


Helping business understand and live their own ‘getting a man on the moon’ type statement where all employees are aligned to delivering a common unwavering vision.

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More specifically, the tools around Purpose focus on:

  • Developing clarity in the overarching focus and purpose for what the organisation is in business to achieve.
  • Ensuring that each employee is clear on their role and input into achieving the overall pupose and the organisations goals.
  • Creating communication structure to increase the connectiveness with employees to understand and commit to business objectives and to strengthen organisational reputation.


Two thirds of people say they have more to give, but no one ever asks them. Your employees know the answers to improving your business, and they will tell you all if you can improve the ownership to the business they feel.

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More specifically, the Insight tools focus on:

  • Creating an environment where employees have a voice and are involved to create openness and honesty, ultimately leading to autonomy.
  • Working with customers or clients in the pursuit of organisational goals. Understanding their needs and aligning this with the way the business operates.


This is not about just saying thank you. This is about creating an environment where positive actions and behaviour are repeated frequently and freely because your employees want to!

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More specifically, the tools to develop Praise focus on:

  • Developing an environment that recognises positive behaviour, and helps employees appreciate that their work is worthwhile.
  • Creating a structure that manages performance to get the most from each employee. Retaining top talent whilst improving performance of the rest of the team.

The practical tools within each of these areas are structured in such a way that they can be tailored to meet the operational and cultural requirements of any business.

Once adapted, we develop a structured roll out plan that ensures the tools are launched in a systematic way that does not overwhelm the team and makes this process of developing a more engaged workforce ‘business as usual’.

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