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About the Psychological Safety Index

Professor Amy Edmondson at Harvard University developed her work around Psychological Safety over 20 years Index. As part of this she helped develop a simple scan that allows businesses to understand their level of Psychological Safety and e-trinity are delighted to be accredited to deliver this tool.

The survey takes 3 minutes to complete produces an anonymous Psychological Safety Index score for the team as well as individual reports showing individuals sit within the team score.

Psychological Safety Index

As well as providing an overall team score, the report looks four distinct areas of Psychological Safety.

Inclusion and diversity

When team members feel included, they are more inclined to speak up, contribute and add to the group.

Willingness to help

Teams become unsafe when people are not able to help to each other or feel appreciated by team members

Attitude to risk and failure

Teams that hold mistakes against each other risk a lack of control and forward momentum

If you think you have all the answers you should quit as you are going to be wrong.

Open conversation

A team that has open and candid conversations is able to tackle hard problems better.

To help improve your team’s performance it helps to understand the levels of Psychological Safety in these areas as this is a predictor of how your team will learn and work together. By improving their level of psychological safety you will significantly increase the likelihood of team success.

There are two ways to bring this to your organisation.

1) PSI Scan – Each team member to complete the PSI Scan. This generates an anonymous report that you can discuss with your team or organisation at a low price per participant.

2) PSI Scan and debrief – In addition to the anonymous report, a facilitated debrief by Frazer Rendell, an accredited partner, with more insights on the four dimensions of psychological safety. This will include in:

  • Briefing with the team lead
  • Introduction to PSI with the team
  • A debrief and team dialogue
  • Individual Reports for the team
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