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Employee Engagement in Healthcare

Employee engagement in Healthcare could reduce mortality by 7%.

Employee engagement is seen as the link between employees and employer. These are the principles behind many of the recommendations in the Francis Report and the Keogh Report which focused on how hospitals would deliver the best care for patients through engaging with their teams. Before these reports, Lord Darzi also stressed the importance of employee engagement in achieving effective and sustainable change in the NHS and it also forms a key element of the NHS constitution.

Considerable research has been carried out to understand the impact of employee engagement in Healthcare which supports the recommendations in these reports, including Towers Watson who identified that employee engagement traits in Healthcare Organisations would lead to better quality of life outcome for patients. This was supported by the research that was published jointly by the DoH and NHS.

The challenge is how to convert the theory and science into a practical approach that delivers this consistently in a Healthcare Organisation, not just with the clinical team or the front line. Only then, will employees be able to provide the service and values that the organisation aspires to deliver.


There are a number of areas in healthcare that will benefit from employee engagement.

In addition to these commercial benefits, it has been identified by Aston University that by increasing employee engagement in healthcare the mortality rate is reduced by 7%.  So for every 100 people who died in hospital, 7 would not if the employees were engaged!  A staggering statistic that by itself should be enough to encourage a call to action.

At e-trinity we have experience of delivering consultancy and training on employee engagement in healthcare in the UK, Ireland, Spain, USA and Taiwan where we have been able to demonstrate significant improvements in the commercial impact on the organisation, as well as our own examples od where engaged employees stepped in to save lives.


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