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Your staff hold the key to the success of your organisation!

Every action they take will have an impact on customer satisfaction and how efficient and effective your organisation will be. Ultimately, this will impact on whether you achieve your goals and long-term success.

For your staff to respond positively to support your organisation’s goals and vision, they are looking for the answers to three questions:

  • “Do I understand what the company stands for and where I fit in?”
  • “Can I make a difference?”
  • “Is my job worthwhile?”

When your employees can answer ‘yes‘ to each of these questions, they will be more motivated and inspired to do their best and to look after your customers. At the same time working more efficiently and effectively.

This level of change needs to be progressive and structured, to ensure that it is not just a ‘theme of the month’.

Our approach to inspiring and engaging your staff


Employee Engagement PIP

Planting a PIP to grow your business.

e-trinity’s employee engagement PIP

Our practical tools are designed to enhance management and leadership skills in four key areas the impact engagement levels.


This is at the heart of the PIP and focuses on ‘walking the talk’ and ensuring that the values of the organisation are ‘lived’. This is key to creating trust in an organisation. Without this, leaders will find it difficult to find followers.

Integrity includes:

  • Linking vision and financial targets with values and behaviours of employees.
  • Identifying key engagement metrics to set benchmarks against which to measure improvement.


Helping organisations understand and live their own ‘getting a man on the moon’ type statement, where all employees are aligned to delivering a common unwavering vision.

Purpose includes:

  • Developing clarity in the overarching purpose for what the organisation is in business to achieve.
  • Ensuring that each employee is clear on their role and input into achieving the overall purpose and goals.
  • Creating a communication structure to increase the connectiveness with employees.


Two thirds of people say they have more to give, but no-one ever asks them. Your employees know the answers to improving your business and they will tell you all if you can improve the ownership they feel to the organisation.

Insights includes:

  • Creating an environment where employees have a voice and are actively involved to create openness and honesty, ultimately leading to autonomy using proven tools.
  • Understanding customer and client needs and aligning this with the way the business operates.


This is not about just saying ‘thank you’. This is about creating an environment where positive actions and behaviour are repeated frequently and freely because your employees want to!

Praise includes:

  • Developing an environment were employees thrive from being recognised for positive actions.
  • Delivering tools that help managers retain top talent, whilst improving performance of the rest of the team.

Our delivery

Whatever type of organisation you are in, wherever you are on the engagement journey, our modular approach and practical tools means that we will have a solution to achieving your employee engagement goals.

The tools we provide include:

  • ‘Self Help’ resource library including articles, videos and webinars available on the e-trinity website.
  • Key note speaking or presentations.
  • Open workshops hosted by e-trinity.
  • Workshops tailored to an organisation’s specific requirements.
  • Ad hoc consultancy and training.
  • Structured and tailored programmes of consultancy, training and on-going coaching.

Our structured and tailored programmes enable us to provide a set number of days per month working with each client. This allows us to understand each organisation in greater detail working closely with leadership teams, managers and their employees.

This range of tools enables organisations to select the level of support required from e-trinity based on the resources available within their own organisation to assist in delivery.

Our approach to delivery is one of ‘knowledge transfer’. We look to work with a small group of key people in each organisation, to ensure that they become your internal specialists in supporting your on-going engagement journey in the future.

We are confident that we will have a solution to help you achieve your goals around employee engagement. Take the first step to improving your employee engagement by giving us a call or sending us an email.

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