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‘How to execute your plans and achieve success’ Workshop

Many organisations will have a vision and strategy but struggle to deliver this on a consistent basis. This workshop can turn your organisation’s strategy in operational delivery and results.

Who Should attend

Manager and leaders of teams or projects. This can be at a broad range of times in a team of projects life cycle, including:

  • New teams or projects
  • Change in direction
  • Looking to make teams more productive or effective
Duration of the course:
1 day
Delegate numbers:
5 to 20 people

How you benefit

The day has been designed to create a successful process for organisational change and project work at manager, leader and senior levels. Delivering a process that is more engaging than traditional change models and supported with structured tools to deliver on projects and change programs including elements from Prince 2.

Much change or project work fails to deliver the anticipated results for a number of reasons:

  • Lack of engagement
  • Wrong people being involved
  • Poor communication
  • Risks of delivery not identified
  • Lack of structure to deliver the change

The costs and delays associated with projects that do not deliver the required outcomes can be significant.

To ensure your team achieve the outcomes required from change programs or projects, this training will look at four distinct areas. This includes:

Identifying Purpose

  • Understanding why this is important and the neurological impact
  • How to create an inspiring purpose
  • Developing supporting parameters

Measurement of success

  • How to identify the critical few metrics to success
  • The role of different metric types and when to use them


  • Identifying stakeholders and their role in supporting each project
  • Understanding interdependence of stakeholders


  • Developing structured plans to deliver the purpose through building involvement and ownership of stakeholders
  • Converting overall project plans into elements that can be executed

Follow through

  • Introduction of tools from Prince 2 Project Management to enable structured follow through and mitigate risk on delivering the change or project.

The content of the day is supported with case studies from a variety of organisations to demonstrate learnings from their leaders when they made change in their organisation.

Groups are welcome to use new or existing projects during this workshop as live examples during the practical sessions within this workshop


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