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Engaging your employees : High Impact Session

Who Should attend

Supervisors, manager and leaders of teams who understand that there is a different way to work and want to understand how other businesses are making this change.

Duration of the course:
3 hours
Delegate numbers:
5 to 30 people


The success of any business is ultimately down to the people who work there.

  • The way that employees interact with customers will impact your future revenue.
  • How aligned employees are with the vision and values of the organisation will impact their behaviours and actions.
  • How engaged they are will impact how efficiently and effectively the business operates.

How you will benefit

You will have a broader appreciation of what is involved in increasing the engagement of your employees and take away some ideas to start you on your engagement journey within your organisation.

The most successful companies have based their success on engaging their employees better. Now the gloves are off – engagement is no longer reserved for the few, but is an essential part of making your business a success through your people and this is your chance to learn how.

This intensive three-hour workshop will provide you with a clear understanding of why engagement is important and this impact the delegates attending the course can deliver.

What this session covers

  • What really is employee engagement – some myth busting and the truth!
  • Revealing the evidence – case studies on how businesses have improved.
  • Why engagement is more effective than customer service training.
  • Developing the purpose of your organisation / team.
  • Involving and empowering your employees to make your business better.
  • Delivering highly effective recognition.
  • Measuring the success of your improved employee engagement.
  • A practical approach to ensuring your team progress every month.


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