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Training Courses

Engaging your employees : High Impact Session

Looking for an introduction to engagement and some quick win ideas on how to engage your staff? Then this short high impact session is for you.

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‘How to execute your plans and achieve success’ Workshop

Many organisations will have a vision and strategy but struggle to deliver this on a consistent basis. This workshop can turn your organisation’s strategy in operational delivery and results.

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Practical Engagement Solutions

This course is aimed at those who understand the importance of engagement in the workplace and are looking to make a sustainable change in their organisation and engage with their teams to create a better place to work and more succesful company.

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Performance Management – How to improve the outcomes from your performance management process

Performance Management or Appraisals serve an important function in helping to engage and develop employees to ultimately improve the performance of your organisation. However, many treat it as a tick box exercise.

This training is designed to ensure that managers get the best from your performance management process by understanding what is possible, why it works and what managers of highly engaged teams do with performance management.

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